Politicians are actors. They are keen in maintaining their face in place or changeable depending on the situation before them. Never before have we been confronted with the honesty and sincerity of deceit that does not care what you think and how the unfolding events affect anyone.

Donald John Trump, the Russian Mob Boss who stole the election to the Presidency of the United States lies about absolute everything happening before him. My formula for interpreting him is to apply the contrary to everything he says and that is where the true events are unfolding. If he says its raining for sure it’s a sunny day.

Admirably the one and only truth about him is that he does not care about what anyone thinks, feel or does. The Malignant Narcissist cannot bring himself to acknowledge the existence of anyone but himself. Witnessing pain and suffering is a source of great joy and he says it openly. Read his past statements, it’s right there in plain sight, his joy when others suffer.

The abomination that roams this Earth and must be silenced once and for all.


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