Anyone that knows me understands that I am a Clinton Democrat. I’ve read everything there is to read about Hillary for decades. Big articles, little articles, the smear, the truth. Throughout this long process she made me proud. First, she earned my admiration. This grew into trust and later into love. Yes, I love the woman. She is our Champion. My Champion. In 2016, when our Champion was down I stood for her, before it was a popular thing to do. Today, my Hillary has yet to decide if she will run for 2020 or not. Needless to say that if she announces her campaign peace will return to my world.

In the mean time, I am a woman without a known candidate. The only other political candidate that I had studied is Bernard Sanders: the ultimate demagogue, the hidden communist, the capitalist, the opportunist.

When the new pool of presidential candidates started announcing I sat back wondering about what to do. The pressure became obvious that I “had to, if I had a brain” side with Joe Biden. I thought to myself, “ok”. Then he opened his mouth and made me realize that he never has nor ever will represent the interests of women. Old boys club, plus loving on Republican Nazi’s. Last time I checked, I’m no boy! He is not my guy. He is establishment and establishment has ignored women since inception of the Republic. It is my time for something better. I looked. I read, I talked. The insults I have been submitted to because I was trying to vet the candidates say everything about the indoctrination people submit each other to. Fear tactics were and are non stop. When the music stopped I was left with the decision that we need and I want a Woman President. I demand representation for my taxation. My election was rigged, robbed and those in charge allowed it to happen. Said “Oops”. So Amy, Kamala, and Elizabeth are the candidates that I favor. They are each formidable and worthy of the presidency .

Suddenly, the presidential campaign that took off and ran ahead of the pack, was and is, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s. I hardly knew anything about her. As I continued my vetting process, here and on FB, the infighting and the insults continued. I was bringing down the Republic! LOL

I have studied Elizabeth Warren’s political platform more than her persona. If she made a speech and announced an idea, I would look into it. Then the next one and the next one. I took notice of how the media loves and hates her but they have given her time and space, which is more that can be said about Amy and Kamala, shamefully . Elizabeth has been called “Angry”. Her response;” I am angry and I own it.” Picture perfect.

Vetting has been a great experience for me because instead of becoming a blind follower my vote has again become meaningful to me. I am no longer lost without my Hillary. Put all the labels you want upon me. I am a woman, I am a Democrat. I stand for the Republic. From my heart.


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