What does the image show us?

We see the paint on the walls of the Oval Office where Trump has spray painted his pompidou. A blow dryer tossed aside, which may have been used to dry his maddening locks. A broken TV or computer screen maybe as a symbol of his hatred for the media. A smart phone with the logo of Twitter visible. We know what that’s about. We see a fallen American flag. Gulf clubs. Coke cans. His very long red tie. A signed Presidential Order on the floor. A make America great again flag. The fallen Statue of Liberty. A Confederate flag. Tossed and broken furniture. Ripped curtains. A man drowning outside the window. A filthy rug.

We also see, standing with his back to the onlookers, President Elect Joe Biden, facing the mess, mop and pail in hand, ready and willing to clean up the Trump shit show.

This is the world we live in. Make no mistakes, the symbols of destruction and disarray are real and very painful to look at. What is missing in this image are the American Concentration Camps filled with children that we know nothing about their fate. Missing are the 250,000 deal Americans lost to a pandemic which could have been prevented. Missing is the fear and sense of loss in the hearts and minds of American people. It will take a long time for these wounds to heal, if ever. This satire truly makes us bleed.


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